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Approximately 80,000 Californians with kidney failure rely on dialysis to stay alive. Proposition 23 would put dialysis patients’ lives at risk and hurt all Californians by making us wait longer to see our doctors and increasing health care costs by hundreds of millions annually.

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  • This proposition could force hundreds of dialysis clinics to cut back services or shut down completely - making it more difficult for dialysis patients to access their life-saving treatments and putting their lives at risk. Missing even a single treatment increases a patient’s risk of death by 30%.
  • Analysis done by the Berkeley Research Group found this measure would increase dialysis treatment costs by $320 million every year. That will increase costs for all of us in the form of higher insurance premiums and higher taxes for government-sponsored health care.
  • This proposition would take thousands of practicing doctors away from their current patients and push them into non-caregiving, bureaucratic roles at dialysis clinics — making it harder for all of us to get appointments with our doctors and treatment at our hospitals.
  • This measure is being sponsored by the United Healthcare Workers West (UHW) union which bankrolled Proposition 8 on the November 2018 ballot. Prop 8 would have harmed dialysis patients and lost at the polls by 20 points.