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Proposition 8: Vote no on cynical union power play

San Diego Union-Tribune September 11, 2018 By San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board
Let’s be blunt: Voters should reject Proposition 8 on Nov. 6. It would limit the profits of kidney dialysis clinics on the spurious grounds someone somewhere needs to force owners
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Reject Prop. 8, capping kidney dialysis firms’ profits

San Jose Mercury News August 23, 2018 By San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board
California has a long history of propositions gone awry. Proposition 8 provides a classic example of a ballot measure that has no business being decided by California voters. The complex
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Editorial: No to Proposition 8!

La Opinion September 14, 2018
Dialysis treatment is vital to the survival of the patient who has extremely serious kidney disease. It requires three visits a week to a specialized clinic. Each one of up to almost
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Vote no on Prop. 8, a threat to dialysis patients

Orange County Register October 23, 2018 By Editorial Board
On the surface, Proposition 8 looks like a well-intended measure seeking to improve dialysis patient care. But upon even the most cursory of reviews, the measure is revealed to be
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An abuse of the initiative system

Santa Rosa Press Democrat September 12, 2018 By Santa Rosa Press Democrat Editorial Board
Proposition 8 is nothing short of an abuse of California’s initiative process, which allows anyone with enough money to put a proposed law on the ballot. This initiative is designed
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