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Voters Soundly Reject Proposition 23

November 03, 2020
Sacramento – Doctors, nurses, patients and other members of the No on Proposition 23 coalition expressed gratitude that Californians once again voted to protect dialysis patients by overwhelmingly rejecting Proposition
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Prop 23 in California is Bad for Patients

Chronic Disease Coalition October 28, 2020 By Chronic Disease Coalition
Voters in California will be asked to consider a complex question of health care policy next week at the ballot box. Proposition 23, if passed, would require that each of
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Reproductive rights, access could be limited by Prop. 23

Capitol Weekly October 28, 2020 By Deborah Rotenberg
The death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg sent shockwaves through the women’s reproductive rights movement. And the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trump’s appointee to
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Prop. 23 plays politics with patients’ lives

Orange County Register October 24, 2020 By Adam B. Summers
Politics is a cynical business. You can’t help but be a bit cynical when you see how laws are really made. It is frequently based on power politics, special-interest influence
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No on Proposition 23

Latino Times October 12, 2020 By Latino Times Editorial Board
Bad ideas repeat themselves. Voters resoundingly rejected Proposition 8 on dialysis clinics two years ago. Now Proposition 23 is back. With some changes, but with enough of the old to
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Opinion: Recycled Propositions Deserve to Lose Again

Oroville Mercury-Register October 07, 2020 By Thomas Elias
This fall’s California ballot contains definite head-scratchers: Two repeat propositions that – based on their 2018 showings – probably did not deserve a rerun nearly this soon. Just two years
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Doctor gives his reasons for ‘No’ on Prop. 23

La Opinion October 01, 2020 By Jacqueline Garcia
Dr. Edgar Vera has worked for more than 20 years assisting patients with kidney problems. With his team of four nephrologists, they visit four High Desert clinics – including Hesperia,
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Bay View Voter Guide for November 2020

San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper September 30, 2020 By Jeremiah Jeffries
Note: Excerpt taken from larger article.  Prop 23: NO. Superficial regulation of dialysis clinics. A misguided attempt to regulate dialysis clinics that would have unintended consequences and does not provide any
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Say No to Proposition 23

El Popular News September 28, 2020 By El Popular News Editorial Board
Proposition 23, which talks about new requirements that dialysis clinics, is actually a terrible idea that can harm chronic kidney disease patients who already suffer enough to create uncertainty around
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Editorial: La Opinion opposes Proposition 23

La Opinion September 28, 2020 By La Opinion Editorial Board
Health is not played. Much less in the case of patients with kidney disease whose lives depend on their attendance at dialysis clinics. These patients need complex care. The last thing they need
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Proposition 23 ‘takes us in the wrong direction’

La Opinion September 25, 2020 By Victoria Infante
For many civil society organizations for the rights of patients and healthcare professionals, Proposition 23 endangers the lives of those on dialysis, decreases access to doctors and increases medical costs
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Proposition 8: Vote no on cynical union power play

San Diego Union-Tribune September 11, 2018 By San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board
Let’s be blunt: Voters should reject Proposition 8 on Nov. 6. It would limit the profits of kidney dialysis clinics on the spurious grounds someone somewhere needs to force owners
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Reject Prop. 8, capping kidney dialysis firms’ profits

San Jose Mercury News August 23, 2018 By San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board
California has a long history of propositions gone awry. Proposition 8 provides a classic example of a ballot measure that has no business being decided by California voters. The complex
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Editorial: No to Proposition 8!

La Opinion September 14, 2018
Dialysis treatment is vital to the survival of the patient who has extremely serious kidney disease. It requires three visits a week to a specialized clinic. Each one of up to almost
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Vote no on Prop. 8, a threat to dialysis patients

Orange County Register October 23, 2018 By Editorial Board
On the surface, Proposition 8 looks like a well-intended measure seeking to improve dialysis patient care. But upon even the most cursory of reviews, the measure is revealed to be
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An abuse of the initiative system

Santa Rosa Press Democrat September 12, 2018 By Santa Rosa Press Democrat Editorial Board
Proposition 8 is nothing short of an abuse of California’s initiative process, which allows anyone with enough money to put a proposed law on the ballot. This initiative is designed
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